Glaziers Services

Glaziers Services



Glaziers work with glass and have expertise with the systems that hold the glass in place, as fully qualified glaziers we are also qualified tradesmen.

We offer all the services listed below and many more.

If you require another service that is not listed please do not hesitate to ask, if we can help you we will.


If you have a carpenter or builder install timber frames into your new house or renovation we can install the glass into those frames.



We can do mirror replacements.

We also can supply and install or supply and deliver new mirrors.


torn fly screen

We rewire torn fly screens and doors.

cabinet glass

We can replace glass to furniture such as cabinets.


Child against glass

There are a few reasons you may want to upgrade your glass.

One reason if you are expecting a baby you may want to make your home safe for your new child.

We can consult you and give advice on if your glass is safe and unsafe.

Lead light glass repairs

Broken Lead Light

Glass Perth repair glass to broken lead lights in house.


Smashing security glass with hammer

We have a security glass called LamGuard® Security glass that is 6.52 mm thick.

The glass consists of one piece of glass 2 mm thick with a plastic interlayer 1.52 mm thick in the middle with another piece glass 3 mm thick.

The way this glass works is that the interlayer is so thick and strong to get through it the glass has to be smashed as many times as it takes to make a big enough hole to climb through.

For instance if a someone was using an axe they would have to hit it about 20 or 30 times to get though it.

Security glass works because it takes a lot of effort and noise to break burglars do not want to risk being caught, so after they discover it is hard to break they leave.

We have tested security glass ourselves and have faith in it.

The main thing with installing security glass is that it needs to be installed properly for it to work this means it has to be totally glued into the frame, if it is not glued into the frame it is basically useless for security.

Some security advice: Do not to leave tools or anything else such as loose bricks or anything that can be used to break a window laying around outside your house.

Always lock your shed if you have one.

Never leave keys or bags or computers showing through open curtains.

If you have a gate always padlock it.

Make sure any important data is backed up on your computer if you leave it unattended when you are not home.

The most important thing if you have sentimental items that you do not use everyday make sure they are hidden or in a safe.

Pet doors

Glass Perth can replace your existing glass with a new piece of glass with a pet door installed into it.

We will not cut holes into existing glass for pet doors. There are few reasons why, one reason is most doors have toughened glass in them.

Once toughened glass has been made it can not be cut ever again.

You can identify if you have toughened glass in your doors by a small stamp in the bottom corner of the glass.

The other reason we do not cut existing glass because when a hole is cut in the glass it makes it weak. If
the glass is weak it will make it very easy to break when your pet is using the door.

For most pet door windows and doors we use a toughened safety glass which is 4 times stronger than normal glass.

We mainly use transcat cat doors and transcat dog doors for our pet doors.

The dog door is ideal for beagles, poodles, terriers and dogs of similar size.

If you have a large dog, please check that your dog will fit through the door when fully grown.

If you are unsure whether your fully grown dog will be able to fit through the door we recommend that you make a cardboard template and see if your dog can climb through comfortably. 400mm diameter with 285mm across x 250mm down flap.

You can find more information transcat pet doors on the transcat website.

Glass upgrades for bathroom renovations

Translucent Laminated Bathoom

Glass Perth can change old rusted wired glass and fit new glass in your bathrooms.

You may be surprised how changing wired glass in your bathroom can instantly give your bathroom a brand new look.

We are able to change the glass in your shower screen using your existing frame.

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