Glass Repairs & Replacement Perth For Homes
Our glass replacement service is available Monday-Friday during normal business hours and can be available for after hours emergency services. We carry or stock all the common types of glass used in homes with us which enables us to carry out nearly all window glass repairs and door glass repairs immediately.
Shop & Office Glass Repairs Perth
Glass Perth specialize in glass repairs and glass replacement. Our Glaziers are able to replace just about any type of glass for your shop or office, no matter where you are located in Perth. Often we can be on site in under 1 hour for a emergency.
Glaziers Services Perth
Glass Perth also provide a number of other glass services. These services include fly screen rewire, installation of new glass, glass upgrades, security glass and glass for furniture.
Commercial glass replacement examples
Some examples of the shops, offices, taverns, schools, hotels and other businesses and there locations that Glass Perth have done glass repairs and glass replacements to.
Aluminium framed window and door glass repair Perth for homes
Most modern day residential homes and some commercial premises are fitted with aluminium sliding windows and doors. They come in a variety of colours and sizes and have been a popular choice among builders and home owners for many years. Aluminium sliding windows offer a excellent combination of style, function and value for money and can also give you excellent ventilation.
Timber framed window and door glass replacement Perth for homes
In Perth most older homes and a number of newly built homes have timber windows and doors. some people prefer the look and feel of real timber windows and doors. Wooden windows and doors have a charm and character that will last forever. A window consists of an outer frame that goes into a wall, and a sash that goes into the outer frame that holds the glass.
Timber framed window and door glass repairs Perth for shops and offices
A lot of older shops and offices have timber shop fronts. These can be seen all around Perth especially with heritage listed buildings. Perth city, Northbridge, Fremantle and Claremont have a lot of timber shopfronts but they are all over Perth. Besides the old buildings having timber shop fronts there are a number of newly built shops with timber framed doors and windows.
Aluminium framed window & door glass replacement Perth for shops and offices
The great majority of shop fronts in Perth are aluminium consisting of floor to ceiling windows and glass two panel doors. The same glazing principle applies to a large percentage of these windows and doors and different types of doors such as automatic sliding doors, pivot single and double doors and manual sliding doors. We have 23 Years experience replacing glass all the different types of aluminium shop front windows and doors in Perth.
Glass cut to size Perth & Mirrors cut to size Perth
If you need any glass for your DIY projects we will happily cut the glass to your specifications. We stock a whole range of glass that includes, 2mm picture frame glass, 3mm clear glass, 4mm clear glass, 5mm clear glass, 6.38mm clear laminated safety glass, 6mm mirror, 4mm safety back mirror. We also have a wide range of patterned and coloured glass in stock. You are also welcome to bring your window or door frames for us to do repairs on in our factory.
Office partition glass repairs Perth
Glass office partitions are very common in businesses in Perth and Australia. Glass office partitions come in several different styles and frame types including timber and aluminium. Glass breakage is a high possibility when furniture and machines are being moved in around your office. A fast glass replacement is essential especially when there is a large number of personal who work in and around your business.